What if I'm not strong enough to try to pole fitness? 

The great thing about pole fitness is that it's completely new to everyone who's tried it! Our instructors and students have all been there... we've felt the nerves kick in as we fear we won't be as good as all those photos we've seen. But you don't need to have any fitness, dance or gymnastics experience to try pole fitness, just a healthy, positive attitude!

Our classes are designed to introduce you to the discipline step-by-step; mixing conditioning exercises with tricks and spins ensuring that first and foremost, you have fun and get a good workout from the class. Over the weeks, we'll work on building your strength and confidence as we challenge you with progressions, in a safe and supportive environment.

Look out for our Taster classes or Introduction to Pole courses that run on a limited basis - this is great for someone who's not sure if pole is for them. We've created the course as we believe it takes a couple of classes to start getting used to the pole and we're confident you'll see an improvement in your abilities by the end of this time.

What are the pre-requisites for a pole fitness class? 

Nothing! We welcome any age*, size, gender or experience/capability level. A positive attitude and open-mind will help you to progress but that's it!

*For various reasons, our classes are 18 years + only.

What shall I wear/bring to my first pole fitness class? 

Using your skin to grip the pole is an important factor in the discipline. 

Whilst joggers/leggings are fine for your first class, we recommend these are loose or stretchy so you can expose your lower leg during the class. Otherwise, we recommend bringing a pair of shorts to get changed into along with a sports bra and short sleeved top. Gym, football or cycling shorts are great for beginners but you're welcome to go shorter if you prefer!

Please bring a bottle of water with you to keep hydrated and a towel always comes in handy. In colder months, we advise bringing layers to keep you warm. Clean indoor trainers can be worn during the warm up but the main segment of the class will be conducted in bare feet. 

We strongly advise that you do not moisturise or shave (legs) on the day of your class as this will affect your ability to grip the pole. 

What if I have "XYZ" injury or condition? 

You'll be asked to complete a PAR-Q before your first class and it's important that you disclose any current or historical injuries or conditions on here, however minor they may seem. This will help our instructors to ensure the class is conducted safely and is considerate to your needs.

Please speak up during class if you feel any aches and pains, or gain any new injuries/conditions as we can often offer alternatives or regressions to keep challenging you but also keep you safe from further injury. 

If you are unsure whether pole fitness is suitable for your injury or condition, we strongly recommend consulting your GP. 

What if I am late for a class or can't make it? 

Unfortunately, lateness of more than 5 minutes to class may result in you being denied attendance to the class. This is because you will have missed a significant part of the warm-up, which prepares your body for exercise and we are not insured to allow students who have missed this important part to participate.

Those who are late to class are not eligible to have their space or fees transferred to another class or refunded. Continued lateness may result in your membership being revoked.

Where are you located, and how do I find you? 

We're located within the:

Both venues have been fitted to accommodate four X-Pole Chrome 45 mm fitness poles.

The venue has plenty of parking however we ask due to the volume of traffic and visitors at the venue, that you drive and park sensibly.

I can't find the answer to my question here? 

No problem, drop us an email and we'd be happy to help. More details on our Contact page.