Defy the norm with an alternative way to get fit - pole fitness, sports massage and more...


I attended my first pole class in 2011 after months of curiosity...

I'd waited and waited for someone to come along with me and then I asked myself what I had to lose, I booked on to a pole class. I had no idea what it was about or what I was walking into other than numerous comments about how hard it was and how I'd be covered in bruises. As it were, I had nothing to lose it and have been hooked ever since! So I'm super excited to introduce you to Rebel POLE and share the amazing journey all the good things pole had brought to my life...

I've made some awesome friends, discovered things about myself that I didn't know I could do or could ever be capable of, and even when I couldn't, I've learnt that it's okay and to respect the beauty in our differences. Pole fitness gives you constant challenges - it's forever evolving and means you get to be a part of something unique. You can make it what you want it to be, defying rules and expectations to create your own style and most importantly, have fun with it!​

I realised I've always had a flare for helping people to learn and grow and so decided to qualify as a Level 2 Fitness Instructor in 2015, followed by an Xpert Certified Pole Instructor in 2016. I enjoy breaking moves down to basics and focusing on technique to show you that anything is achievable; and I'm proud to be living proof that you don't need a background in dance, gymnastics or fitness to become a strong pole dancer.

​In 2018, I also trained as a Sports Massage therapist to complement my knowledge and wanting to share the benefits with my students, having experienced the improvements it's made to my body and training.

So I hope there's somethings that I can bring for you in one of my classes. We offer regular classes and flexible membership options and for our latest offers, head to our Facebook or Instagram page, or sign up to our mailing list!


A great way to burn the calories without realising, pole fitness is a whole body workout that will build your strength, and improve your flexibility and coordination, as we work through combinations of tricks and spins.

On top of that, you'll leave with a smile on your face, meet new people and watch your confidence rocket as your body does things you never thought it was capable of!


With the stresses of the modern world that we put on ourselves, it's important to take time out to relax and give our bodies some TLC.

Regular sports massage can help you to destress, release muscle tension, boost circulation and drainage, and improve your posture and flexibility.