How to sign up...

Our sign up process is fast and easy. All you have to do is complete a PAR-Q; then head to our booking portal to book your first class!

Our booking options are flexible and put you in control - there's no minimum membership requirement and no rolling contract. You choose when you start and what package you want , each and every time.




Perfect for beginners or those who can't get to class often.

​Valid for 34 days

£40 | 4 Class Pass


Great for those who want to boost their training.

​Valid for 34 days

£60 | 8 Class Pass


And for those who can't get enough of being upside down!

​Valid for 68 days

£72 | 6 Class Pass

£14 | Pole PAYG

For tasters or one-off classes;no commitment required

Private Training Sessions

60 minute sessions. Available on evenings and weekends (Fri-Sun)
1 to 1 £352 to 1 £443 to 1 £544 to 1 £64


These ad-hoc classes will specialise in certain areas… maybe you want to build your handstands, work on your balance or you just fancy doing some pole flow?

Each class will bring something different,

adding a bit of spice to your training!

[Circa £10-15 per session]


Currently unavailable due to COVID

Competitive Pricing and Discounts for Members